Your Kitchen Is Full Of Youth Locking Foods

Often you make rounds of the drugstores and visit the dermatologists to get that beautiful skin. It feels that it’s a never ending race that keeps you going through these stores and doctors and take up those painful needles on your face, get yourself costly laser treatments that are just weighing down your pocket.

In this haste of achieving what you dream of, it always happens that one tends to overlook the simple, easy and just casually available options that are around you to help you. Yes, your kitchen with just regular grocery, fruits and vegetables are all equipped to make you look beautiful enough. Kitchen has things full of goodness and worth.

  • Sugar and table salt or sea salts: Refined or crushed sugar or salt with some olive oil will be a nice homemade scrub and can be effectively used to exfoliate the dry chapped lips to get those baby soft lips.
  • Potato, tomatoes, and cucumber: Potatoes, when grated and applied to the skin on the face and neck, will vanish that tan, make your skin look evener. Tomatoes are a natural bleaching agent that will ensure beautiful fair skin and cucumbers are known for its cooling properties universally. If you had a stressful day, or your eyes need some pampering, just grab that cucumber from the refrigerator and put the slices onto your eyes. It really feels like heaven.
  • Olive oil: The best anti aging agent, olive oil when massaged onto your body, face and neck will firm up your skin and make it supple. Try it to believe it
  • Kiwis, grapes, berries: Fruits are better when eaten then putting it on your skin. The results are also worked much faster if at least three portions of your daily diet routine comprise of various fruits and vegetables. Theses fruits are rich in antioxidants that flush away the free radicals from the body and slow down the aging process.
  • Eggs and honey: The eggs and honey often used in the skin firming and tightening masks. Their unique quality of giving that tightened skin with radiance and glow make them favorite for the masks and face packs.

These are few foods that will revive your skin and make it youthful again. Flawless Complexion is also a good bet to tackle aging issues and unlock the youthful skin.

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